Pattern #1

Dr. Liana Valente

When she isn't performing on the operatic stage, teaching aspiring singers, or working on her golf swing, Doc can be found cutting and grinding the colored glass that she and her husband transform into Small Glass Pretty Things ...That Won't Bite.

As a musician, Doc's art is fleeting; it is temporal, existing only in the moment and then the moment is gone. These miniature stained-glass works however, are much more permanent. The pieces will be affected by many external forces (time of day, amount of light, placement), but they will not cease to exist.

Experiment with your piece; hang it in different rooms, look at it in daylight and at night. And let her know when it has found it's home.

Michael Shook

A Senior Systems Analyst by vocation and a Theatrical Lighting Designer by training, Mike tries to find ways to be an artist at home now that he is no longer active in Theatre. Usually that involves some sort of web design or software programming.

Like his wife, Mike finds all of these art forms very transitory. Web sites come and go, software needs change and if you didn't see the performance, a video doesn't really capture it quite right. Although, one piece of software he wrote has now been in use for over 6 years! Still, for the most part, his art is built, shown or used for a while, then destroyed. So the chance to create small permanent artworks was very nearly irresistible.

Mike sincerely hopes that you will find these pieces irresistible too!